Cruising Van Nuys Blvd. in the late 1970s Blog

Pontiac Tempest
March 2018

Website reopened and new features

Unfortunately, we had to take this website offline for the last week due to an Admin of a Facebook Group who took a photo off this site and posted it in violation our copyright by removing the watermark and sepia toning the image without permission. Here at PAST, INC. (the owners and operators of this site), we feel that it is important to maintain the location, context, and ownership of the photographs contained in our Photo Galleries. As such, we have taken additional steps on this website to protect this. One of these steps include an overlay of our Terms and Conditions that you must Agree or Decline to before viewing our Photo Galleries (other measures have also been taken). As a member of our “Cruising Van Nuys Blvd. in the late 1970s” Facebook Group put it “It’s our heritage” and we fully intend to enforce our copyright on the photographs and website vigorously by any and all legal means.

While these alterations were being made to the site, we also added a new page to the Stories section of the website called “Other Memories”. This is a page for people who would like to share their stories and photographs of cruising The Blvd. These shared memories do not necessarily have to be from the late 1970s, as we would like to further expand the history of this famous and well remembered activity. Materials appropriate for this page would be things like stories about your cruising experiences, photos of your cars or vans (please include the make, model, and year), clubs, and all other associated things. If you are interested in contributing to this page, please use our Contact page to send in your materials.