Cruising Van Nuys Blvd. in the late 1970s Blog

Pontiac Tempest
July 2018

New Website Design

In an effort to make this site a little easier to navigate, we have redesign this website where the menu to various pages now appears at the top of each page. Additionally, we have removed the Terms and Conditions popup window from the Home page (as well as some others) so people can read what the site is all about before delving deeper into the site (note: the Terms and Conditions “Agree” or “Decline” popup is still present on our Photo Gallery pages). In the past, we have found that several people have downloaded our photographs and use them without our permission (sometimes attempting to alter the image by removing the copyright to make it seem like their own). Overall, we feel that one of the values of these photographs is to maintain their integrity of location, place, and time that reflects a very special meaning to many of us. One last thing, more photos will be posted soon!