Cruising Van Nuys Blvd. in the late 1970s Frequently Asked Questions

Pontiac Tempest
Here are some of questions that we receive. To view the answer, just click on the appropriate question and the answer will appear (expand downwards). If you have any other questions, please feel free to send us a message by using our Contact page.

Not without our permission! Sorry, but we have had some problems with this. Since we are strongly concerned about maintaining the location, place, and time when the photograph was taken, all photographs contained in the Photo Galleries on this Website are copyrighted and owned by PAST, INC. All Rights Reserved. However, if you would like to share a photograph, please send us a message using our Contact page describing which photograph and what site you would like to share it to. If approved, you agree not to alter the photograph in any shape, manner, or form (this include maintaining the copyright and URL watermarks). PAST, INC. also requires that in your social media post, you add a link back to our Website.

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Yes, please send us a message by using our Contact page for more information. In your message, please describe the reason and how you would like to use any of our photos contained in any of the Photo Galleries on this Website. Note: copies of our photos are available without the watermarks for publication.

Absolutely! The stories about people and their vehicles are part of Van Nuys Blvd. cruising history and we would love to relate this kind of information on our Website on the Other Memories page (under the Stories section in the menu). Also, we would like to add photos of your vehicles that once cruised The Blvd. to this page. These photos do not necessarily have to be ones of them on The Blvd., but we would like a brief story to go along with the photos. The story can include things like when you cruised; the make, model, and year; do you still have this vehicle (?), memories of cruising, friends, etc. Please use out Contact page to submit (photos can be attached). Please note that by submitting such material, you agree that it may be displayed by PAST, INC. (the owners of this website). Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for more information about our rights in the use of your materials (cf. Item #4).